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How To Make Oxtail Like A Jamaican

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Tips No. 102. Keep your bathroom clutter-free and sparkling!There are a lot of products that can make your bathroom sparkle. Household cleaning cloths, wipes, mops, cleaning brushes, scouring pad, glass cleaners, microfiber cloths, etc. However, all of these small products could make clutter because they never have their designated place. And you still have a mess in the bathroom.Your goal is to clean and organize your bathroom in a short time, so you can get on with the more important and funnier things in your life. The solution is easier than you think. Add a tension rod underneath a bathroom cabinet to maximize space. Then, hang "S-hooks" for storing your cleaning products as well as the other bathroom supplies. You can also add a second tension rod for even more space.

Tips No. 169. One of the best organizers of all time – command hooks.Attach hooks on the wall next to the desk and you’ll get extra storage space for your workspace. Hang your backpacks, laptop bag, purse, and the other bags that you need for work. Be inspired by command hooks!There are lots of ways to use command hooks. Here’re some of them:a. You can use two hooks to make wrapping paper easy to tear. It can be a great solution for adhesive tapes, too.b. Then, hang a wire file box on the side of your desk.c. You can use special hooks for holding cords.d. You can design a paper towel holder with two hooks and a spare wire.

Tips No. 317. Declutter kids' clothes – basics.When you go to declutter your kids' clothes, find some large boxes such as moving boxes, as well as a couple of garbage bags. You can also ask for empty boxes at your grocery store or local restaurant. Here is a simple question to keep in mind: Is this really useful? Here are some guidelines to get started decluttering of children’s clothes:a. Toss, donate, or recycle. Take everything out of the kids’ closet. Have a trash bag on hand and toss unwanted pieces of clothing. Don’t keep the pieces of clothes that need repair, unless you are planning to repair them.b. Clean up. Then, wipe down the interior and shelves.c. What's the purpose? Keep things that are in wearable condition. Throw away the items with stains or tiny holes.d. "To be, or not to be..." Create a "maybe" box if you are unsure about some items. Make final decisions within a month.e. The best part. Create your shopping list.f. Outgrown kids’ clothes. Carefully store outgrown kids’ clothes if there are younger siblings that can wear hand-me-downs.

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