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How To Make Mash Exciting

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    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Chefs and restaurants across the country are racing to create the mash potato replacement. But the chefs at Morton's steakhouse make ...

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    Tips No. 187. An easy way to spring-clean your wardrobe.It is time to remove winter clothes because you will not need it until next season. You can store your winter clothes in a box. You can take a few boxes and label them: sweaters, jackets, scarves, winter hats. Then, organize your spring clothes. You can group your items according to the simple rule "like with like." Group them by sleeve length or color. Be creative and practical.Keep clothes that really suit you. Get rid of old and outworn clothes. Throw out those old skirts because you don't feel good in them. Get rid of those pants that no longer fit you. Take a special box for items you are donating to charity. It will make you feel better instantly.

    Tips No. 228. Keep living room closet well organized.Keep the clutter down by organizing all your necessities in a closet.a. After decluttering, you should organize the living room closet according to your preferences. Ask yourself: What is the function of this closet?b. Living room is definitely an area where the closet is a big help. You can choose long narrow closet to maximize space in your living room.c. There are so many brilliant ideas to maximize closet space. Remember to use hangers with clips, multiple & tiered hangers, hooks, baskets, and other great solutions to keep your closet neat and tidy.This versatile storage can hold all kinds of items, from your coats to yoga pants. If you still need a space storage, a console cabinet is a perfect solution for your essentials.

    Tips No. 276. Maintain kids’ room.To maintain your fresh and uncluttered environment, stick to a few basic rules:a. Make beds every morning.b. Keep kids’ clothing organized. Place them in the closet or the laundry basket.c. Take control of bedside clutter. Make sure kids don’t ruin what you have achieved.

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