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How To Cook Bacon Medallion Steaks

Our Tips of the Day!

Tips No. 119. A cookie jar and a cupcake tray in your bathroom.Out of sight means less visual clutter, but things hidden in the bathroom cabinet tend to be forgotten.Here are two amazing and chip hacks for decluttering and organizing bathroom accessories, makeup, etc. Make them visible and easily accessible. You can use a cookie jar to store your lip glosses or nail polishes. Then, you can stack your makeup products on the tiers of a cupcake tray. In this way, you can group them by categories.

Tips No. 154. Turn bedroom clutter into décor.If lots of items are littering your floor, you can arrange them in an artful way. You can stack your big fat books and get a nice decor. You can arrange magazines in the same fashion. This is a little change, but it can apparently transform your bedroom. It is such a relief and happiness to have them finally sorted!

Tips No. 168. Change your habits, change your workspace for the better.Your penholder contains a lot of pencils, but only one pen works. And many of your pencils are dry. Then, you have a lot of junk mail on your desk. Your penholder is old and dusty. So you need to start throwing the old paper, boxes, pencils, and so on. Otherwise there will be no space for you in this room. Clutter makes you confused and distracted. The scientists believe that a huge number of things that make you happy are within your control.So, help yourself in an easy way. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and visualize neat and tidy workspace. Enjoy your visualization for a few minutes. Focus on the result – productivity without stress and confusion. Feel happiness and calmness. It will increase your chances to declutter your desk right now. By practicing this mental exercise for 5 to 6 minutes a day, you will be happy to put your desk in order at the end of each working day. Make a list of your obligations for the next day and you will form a new good habit. Good luck!

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