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How Long To Cook Your Turkey

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Our Tips of the Day!

Tips No. 93. Create your very own cocktail bar.If you love making cocktails and you already have a few mixers, glasses, and spirits scattered all over your kitchen, it’s time to organize them. And make the homemade cocktail bar. Exciting!A few essential spirits and liquors and a few mixers will do just fine. You will also need recipe book, shaker, strainer, stirring spoons, ice bucket, measuring cups and muddler. You will also need sugar cubes, cocktail skewers, cutting board, knife and pretty glasses. Designate a spot for your mini bar and jazz up your night with homemade cocktails!

Tips No. 212. Simple hacks to organize your dressing table.Clutter can really dampen your mood. One day you wake up and realize – your makeup and beauty products have taken over your entire bedroom. Lip glosses and perfumes cluttering up the desk, nail polishes scattered all over the bedside table. And your dresser table is jammed with your beauty stash. If you’re looking to streamline your dressing table, follow these four easy steps.a. Step one: Gather up your products. Therefore, go around your entire bedroom and gather up your beauty items.b. Step two: check each and every item. Check expiration dates and throw everything that is useless. Get rid of duplicates, too.c. Step three: dust your table and clean everything in your makeup bags. You can use makeup remover wipes and cosmetic sanitizer wipe as the most convenient solutions.d. Step four: put beauty products and tools back. Keep them neat and tidy.In this way, your dresser table will be decluttered and beautiful.

Tips No. 265. How to throw a party in a small living room?You have a small living room, but you love throwing parties. Don’t let a small space hold you back! Be creative and use your space in a unique way. Prevent excess clutter during the party and keep everything under control.a. Rearrange your furniture. A living room with the furniture moved out of the way can make a great space for your party.b. A creative mindset. In terms of seating plan, you should be creative. You can use folding chairs, poufs, pillows, etc.c. Buffet style. Serve appetizers on large platters and arrange them on your coffee table and other countertops. You can serve beverages on stylish rolling carts. Try to utilize every available surface such as a console and shelves.Choose the right lighting, throw a smile, and you will throw the most glamorous party ever!

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