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How To Make Coffee Without A Filter

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    Tips No. 48. A kitchen organizing trick for baking sheets.Are your baking trays and sheets falling all over kitchen shelves and cabinets? Or it’s difficult to find the baking tray that you need right now. The reason is that you didn’t create a special place for your bakeware and they are scattered with other dishes. Here’s a great kitchen organizing trick. Keep your bakeware organized on top of kitchen cupboards! In this way, they are always easily accessible.

    Tips No. 121. Personalized bathroom shelves.If you have space on the wall, consider installing personalized boxes. You will have a cute storage box for each family member. You can store items your family use most frequently so they should be easily reachable. You can paint these shelves so each family member will have her/his favorite color. Cute!

    Tips No. 354. Declutter your garage – tackle this task over the weekend.If your garage is a messy place filled with unnecessary items, it’s time to take back this valuable space.The garage is usually jammed with tools, equipment, automotive gear, seasonal supplies, etc. Unfortunately, the garage is holding area for the clutter from the house, too. However, you have to solve this clutter problem sooner or later.You can apply some of these ideas and find what suits your usage level.One of the best methods to declutter garage is to divide this space into zones. For example, automotive, tools, gardening, and storage. If you find some items that don’t fit into one of these designated "zones", consider donating or tossing them. It's just that simple!

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