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How To Draw Long Dresses Step By Step

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Tips No. 169. One of the best organizers of all time – command hooks.Attach hooks on the wall next to the desk and you’ll get extra storage space for your workspace. Hang your backpacks, laptop bag, purse, and the other bags that you need for work. Be inspired by command hooks!There are lots of ways to use command hooks. Here’re some of them:a. You can use two hooks to make wrapping paper easy to tear. It can be a great solution for adhesive tapes, too.b. Then, hang a wire file box on the side of your desk.c. You can use special hooks for holding cords.d. You can design a paper towel holder with two hooks and a spare wire.

Tips No. 186. Get rid of unwanted clothes.If you find that your closet is always overflowing, it’s time for cleaning. This is a great hack to get to the root of this problems and start a good declutter. Hang some clothes hangers in the closet "backwards," when using the pointer forcing out toward you. Once you utilize a piece of clothes, add the hanger back to your closet. After about six months, take out clothes that you have not worn. Afterwards, look at what is left. Interesting. Thus, you can remove the pieces of clothing you don’t need any more!

Tips No. 234. Dress up your coffee table.Sick and tired of clutter on your coffee table? Books, newspapers, remote controls, pencils, toys… Retake the valuable surface of your coffee table with this simple hack. Place a nice tray on your table to corral small items. In this way, you will discourage placing all sorts of things on your coffee table because they already have their home. Easy.

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