Crafts for the year of Rat 2020: do-it-yourself symbol of the year!

The next 2020 begins a new twelve-year cycle on the Eastern calendar, and the first animal symbol of the year in it is the White Metal Rat. According to legend, she was able to trick all animals into deception and be the first to come to Buddha. In the process of preparing for the meeting of the Rat, you can include the hand-made production of a small rodent. Crafts for a year Rats can be made of thread, fabric, plasticine, polymer clay or salt dough and other improvised materials. Such crafts will bring good luck and become a talisman for the whole coming year, especially if you fully show decisiveness, tenacity and stamina - qualities that are inherent in this little rodent and help to achieve its location.

Crafts-rats from felt.

Felt fabric is a non-woven fabric that is pleasant to the touch without the wrong side or front side, which has high strength, ductility and not crumbling edges, which is why many needlewomen find it ideal for crafts. From felt, you can sew voluminous soft toys, using patterns from the Internet or drawing them yourself.

Together with a child, a preschool child can make flat felt rats. To do this, it is enough: According to the template, cut the body (from gray, white or black felt), a trapeze dress (any bright color) and a flower for decoration; Fold the body and dress together and carefully sew along the edge with a seam "forward needle". Sew a ponytail of thin cord or thick thread. Embroider a muzzle with threads, making a mustache and eyes, and sew a flower. Instead of a flower, you can sew a bright beautiful button of an unusual shape.

With a kid who is just beginning his acquaintance with scissors, you can create a craft rat from felt circles: Prepare three circles of gray felt (large - head, two smaller - ears), two pink oval blanks for ears and a crown of yellow felt. They can be cut independently or entrusted to the child. Then with glue gently glue the workpieces together. After that, it remains only to draw a muzzle with paints and decorate the crown.

Rat made of paper.

  • Paper and cardboard are also great for New Year's crafts in the form of a rat. It can be: A mask for a New Year's costume. For it, both dense colored paper and ordinary cardboard, on which a rat face is drawn, are suitable.
  • Volumetric rat made of paper. For her, you just need to print a color template, which is then cut out, bent along the dashed lines and glued together, glueing the places marked with a black triangle.
  • A simple craft from cardboard circles. Cut out circles of different diameters and one piece with ears from packing cardboard, then pierce all the circles in the center with a needle and thread, forming a trunk. Tie a thread and cut it by making a tail.
  • Origami craft is made from a square of colored paper (for example, gray), which is folded and folded according to the photo instruction.
  • Application made of colored paper: cut out the trunk, ears, face and legs of gray and pink paper. To pierce a triangle of yellow paper in several places with a hole punch is cheese. Glue parts together, attach eyes, mustache and ponytail.

How to make a rat from polymer clay and plasticine.

Modeling is very useful for children, because fine motor skills are directly related to the development of mental abilities. So why not combine the useful and the pleasant by making beautiful crafts for the New Year?

We sculpt the rat in steps:

  • From polymer clay of gray color to form a blank in the form of a droplet for the body. Stack out the lower legs.
  • Roll the light clay into a thin layer from which to cut and glue the breast on the body.
  • From small pieces of light-colored polymer clay, make brushes and feet, a long tail. Turn two gray sausages into front legs. Attach all the details to the torso.
  • From the gray blank, droplets of smaller size, fashion the face, make circles of ears, eyes and nose.

Symbol of 2020 from fabric.


From the fabric, specially purchased, or the residues that can be found in any housewife, you can sew with your own hands not only a soft rat toy or an interior doll, but also a useful thing, such as a tack or needle bar. Such Christmas crafts can be a good gift.

Before you start working with fabric, you need to prepare everything you need for crafts: fabric; needle and thread; scissors and crayon to cut out the details; filler (cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or holofiber); bright buttons, ribbons, rhinestones and beads for decoration.

How to sew a soft toy rat:

  • First you need to print and cut out the patterns of the toy you like from paper, then use the crayon (or a thin washed away piece of soap) to transfer the patterns to the fabric.
  • From the fabric, the patterns are cut out, making a small allowance for the seams. Further, all parts are sequentially stitched together.
  • The finished toy is turned out, stuffed with filler through a small hole, which is then sewn up.
  • After this, it remains only to add eyelets from buttons or beads, a mustache and a tail of thread. You can sew clothes for a rat doll.

According to this principle, the needle bar is also sewn, only of a smaller size. If desired, the rat needle bed can be fixed on a bracelet made of fabric, then it will be convenient to use it directly during sewing.

The manufacturing process of a rat-tack is a little simpler, for which you do not need a filler, but you need a slanting inlay. It can be bought at a fabric store. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • From the fabric of the primary color, cut two parts of the base, from fabric of a contrasting color - the detail of the head and two details of the ears.
  • Fold the base blanks inside out and sew along the edge, then sew on the muzzle. Sew and twist the ears.
  • Process the edges of the tack with a slanting inlay, not forgetting to leave part of it free for the tail-eyelet. Sew on ears and buttons, eyes, nose.

You can lay insulation between the fabric, but in this case, so that it does not go astray, you should sew several decorative stitches.

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